Endlessly curious, I love the challenge of clay and it's unlimited possibilities. Clay has no problem keeping my desire to learn and experiment alive. As I hand build in clay I feel a connection to the earth and the places I've traveled. The clay returns me to the feelings I had when I visited the sea, the forest, an old building, an ancient dwelling. My current body of work focuses on how man's presence on earth mimics, interacts, combines, or changes nature.

Sometimes I have so many ideas it's hard to decide what to make. I might make several sketches before I begin work. Other times I start right in working the clay without thinking, letting the clay guide me. I use slab, coil and pinch methods and enjoy each step of the process. My journal contains hundreds of sketches, and my photo albums and mind are full of what inspires me.

My work swings like a pendulum between the colors, textures, and shapes of nature and the bright or bold lines of modern architecture. Occasionally I meld the two themes into one piece. It’s not uncommon for me to spend several hours building a piece, coaxing and encouraging the clay along the way to it's final fired state. For now I can't see myself working on only one theme, but on groups of themes.